MEET Our team

We come from the Internet! As a team we bring over 50 years of experience on how it works, how it grows -and continues to do so- and how it empowers people. We want to make sure that everyone fully benefits from the unique opportunities the Internet offers. We want to make sure that the planet benefits from it too. The year 2020 once again taught us that green and digital transformation need to go hand in hand. So, with a great sense of urgency, we are creating DigitalGoes.Green to lower the incredible and exponential environmental impact of the digital industry. We know by heart how the digital services ecosystem works, and we want to shake things up. What are we good at? Innovating! Bringing together people that rarely ever meet. Getting them talking and listening. Creating consensus. Being forward looking. Inventing new solutions. What do we want to achieve? Deliver concrete eco solutions which will be adopted by everyone involved in the digital services ecosystem.