Our Board is composed of eminent personalities and recognized luminaries at international level, each with their own and diverse background and professional experience, but all united in their unique ability to provide high level expertise and strategic guidance to the Foundation, in order for it to achieve its goals and objectives. The Board will help the Executive team and staff of DigitalGoes.Green to remain true to our mission, our objectives and more importantly our values.

Thanks to their unique experience in their own field, the HLAB will contribute to the general direction of DigitalGoes.Green, and in particular provide high level guidance on the overall geo-political, technical, economic and social environment in which the Foundation evolves.

The Board does not have any fiduciary responsibility for the Foundation. Each member is acting in their personal capacity.

Filippo Addarii

Founding Partner & CEO of Plus Value

Ghazi Ben Ahmed

Chair, Mediterranean Development Initiative

Kathryn C. Brown

Global Internet Policy Expert & Former CEO of the Internet Society

Geoff Huston

Chief Scientist at APNIC

David Jensen

Coordinator of the Digital Transformation Task Force at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Helena Leurent

Director General, Consumers International

Erika Mann

Former MEP & Senior European Internet Policy Advisor

Isabelle Mauro

Director General, Global Satellite Operators Association (GSOA)

Girija Pande

Chairman of Apex Avalon Consulting

Members are listed in alphabetical order based on last name.

For more information please see the HLAB Terms of Reference.