Our mission is to tackle one of today’s most pressing challenges: Bridging the digital and green transitions in our societies. This requires the right perspective, employing the right tools, and devising effective solutions. We stand as a unique platform where decision-makers from public and private sectors, civil society, academics, and experts from green and technical communities converge, exchange insights, and work towards a shared vision of a sustainable digital future. Recognizing the circular nature of the digital economy, we engage stakeholders across the entire spectrum of digital services, from financing to deployment. We foster a conducive environment for stakeholders to agree on consensus-driven solutions to reduce the environmental impact of digital services, both existing and emerging, to the benefit of all.

Together with our partners and experts, we have identified three key areas where we can make a substantial impact:

sustainable Organisations

We work with organizations from all sectors through a digital sustainability governance process,  to ensure that their digital transformation is sustainable. We provide trainings and capacity building activities to incorporate digital into ESG and CSR objectives and regular monitoring and reporting of environmental impact.

ımpact through ınnovatıon

We promote and moderate a cross sectoral dialogue for innovative  business models to put technologies and protocols at the heart of solutions with a green mindset. A sustainable supply chain is created via digital tools and data models limiting environmental impact, improving operations and reducing costs. 

green by desıgn

We work with digital industry and the technical community to develop and adopt consensus-based solutions for an accurate assessment of the environmental impact of digital services through a common and coherent methodology. With a holistic and forward-looking approach, we make sure current and emerging digital services are green by design.