Our mission is to provide solutions to one of the most urgent and critical challenges of our time: Bridging digital and green transformations of our societies


And we do this through the sector which currently -and for the years to come- shows the highest level of development, investment and growth at local and global level: The Digital Services Industry. Digital and green transformations are both urgent and their objectives are critical for our future. The way DigitalGoes.Green is addressing this challenge will allow us to fulfil both goals in a unique and balanced manner




In order to achieve this urgent goal, we need to adopt the right perspective, with the right tools and develop adequate remedies. Unfortunately, this has not been the case so far. First of all, the existing methods to measure and address the environmental impact of digital services are either designed for traditional industries of the last century, or they do not cover the digital ecosystem as a whole. Furthermore, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and reporting requirements mostly focus on the equipment that is used to provide digital services (i.e., data centers, servers, end user terminals), while leaving services themselves out of scope.

This prevents accurate EIAs and although businesses are seemingly compliant, the impact is not correctly measured. Similarly, impact of usage is measured based on end user devices and equipment.

The most critical and relevant environmental impact of digital services lies in the services themselves, and particularly in the way digital services are designed, deployed and delivered. However, as this part is not covered by the current assessment methods, all legitimate efforts so far towards sustainable digital services have missed the target. This is where DigitalGoes.Green comes in. Putting digital services themselves at the core of the solutions will enable us to create a comprehensive framework that addresses the whole ecosystem and incentivise new, environment friendly digital services. People will keep using the Internet and fully reap its benefits in a sustainable manner.





We are a unique hub where public and private decision-makers, civil society, academics and experts from green and technical communities gather, exchange information and knowledge, talk and listen around a shared vision towards a sustainable digital future.
Recognising that the digital economy is circular, we work with every stakeholder involved in the financing, design, development and deployment of digital services.

We create the momentum for key stakeholders to adopt consensus-based solutions to lower the environmental impact of both current and emerging digital services for the benefit of all parties.


We initiate new frameworks by focusing on the most exponential and the most impactful part of the digital services ecosystem: the digital services themselves. We launch more effective processes for long term, future proof and sustainable digital services. We create value for every stakeholder in the digital ecosystem.
We become a living reference for accurate assessment of the environmental impact of digital services through a common and coherent methodology.

With a holistic and forward looking approach, we make sure current and emerging digital services are green by design


Together with our partners and experts from the green and technical communities, we identify the most critical digital services to address. We launch and coordinate independent working groups to deliver concrete principles, best practices and standards which will significantly lower the environmental impact of these specific services. Members of the working groups have a shared responsibility for the implementation of these concrete consensus based solutions. The way forward to obtain the broadest recognition and adoption at global level will also be agreed upon, including the adoption of voluntary labels or official standards for sustainable digital services.