Digital Goes Green: Bridging Digital and Green Transitions
for a Sustainable Future

We are a Brussels-based international non-profit dedicated to intertwining digital and green transformation. Through a robust network encompassing technical and green communities, industry, the financial sector, policymakers, and civil society, we foster impactful dialogues:


• Emphasizing the circular nature of the digital economy, we delve into every phase from financing to deployment.

• We serve as a distinctive platform for diverse communities to align on principles, standards, and best practices.

• Our objective is consensus-driven solutions to minimize digitalization’s environmental footprint while maximizing its benefits.

• We collaborate with the industry to devise a digital sustainability governance process with actionable, meaningful steps.


Rooted in the Internet’s expansive legacy, our journey is enriched by engagements with its inventors, expanders, users, entrepreneurs, and regulators. Leveraging a global expert network, we’re inspired by digital technology’s potential to address global challenges. Utilizing the tools and ethos that propelled the Internet’s global embrace, we’re committed to pioneering inclusive, sustainable processes across the digital services ecosystem, targeting enduring impact.