Digital Goes Green brings a systemic approach towards digital and green

We are an international non-for-profit organisation, based in Brussels, committed to bridging digital and green transformation. We work with a strong network of technical and green communities, together with industry, financial sector, policymakers and civil society.

We initiate and host a conversation that makes a difference:

  • Recognising that the digital economy is circular, we address every step from financing to design, from development to deployment.
  • We are a unique hub where all communities gather, talk and listen, and agree on principles, standards and best practices.
  • We will adopt consensus-based solutions to lower the environmental impact of digitalisation, while keeping its full benefits.
  • We will work with the industry to create a digital sustainability governance process with actionable and impactful steps. 



We have spent our careers working with those who invented the Internet, who expanded it, who simply use it, who are making business out of it, and those who regulate it. We rely on a strong global network of experts from technical and green communities, businesses, policymakers and NGOs. We are driven by the conviction that digital technologies, including the Internet itself, are able to contribute to the numerous environmental, economic, social and technological issues which the world is facing today. We use the very same tools, spirit and mindset which explain the extraordinary success and fast adoption of the Internet around the world. We are determined to implement innovative, inclusive and sustainable processes towards the whole digital services ecosystem, aiming at guaranteed long term effects.