How will the working groups operate?

How will the working groups operate?

We create working groups and will assign to each of them a specific digital service, which is of relevance as the service in question is both used at a very large scale and it causes a significant impact on the environment.

Concrete digital services which the working groups will address are, among others, Video streaming, teleconferences, Online ads, Cloud related services.

For each of these services, we will make sure that the working groups agree on a common and coherent methodology to accurately measure and assess the environmental impact of those specific digital services, based on existing and available data or on new studies.

Each working group will work in an independent manner and will be composed of experts and representatives from key players in the Internet and digital services Ecosystem, as,  Investors, the Digital Industry, NGOs, Policymakers, Consumers, Researchers and Academia.

Each working group will adopt a set of consensus based « protocols »  consisting of principles, best practices and standards which aim at lowering the environmental impact of the related digital services.

These protocols will offer:

– concrete solutions for the industry to mower the environmental impact of their services through design and business choices for each service in question,

– the ability to create “green labels”, to be used by the digital industry as well as Investors to demonstrate their willingness to pursue environmentally friendly goals and develop a competitive advantage in their respective sectors, while offering sustainable options to consumers, to enable them making informed choices between digital services.

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