DigitalGoes.Green is the new home for a sustainable net

DigitalGoes.Green (DGG) is an international foundation, based in Brussels, committed to creating eco-responsible digital services. We federate a strong network of technical and green communities, together with industry, financial sector, policymakers and civil society to put technologies and protocols at the heart of solutions with a green mindset. We initiate and host a conversation with concrete objectives:

  • Recognising that the digital economy is circular, we address every step from financing to design, from development to deployment.
  • We are a unique hub where all communities gather, talk and listen, until they agree on a relevant set of principles, standards and best practices.
  • We will adopt consensus based solutions to lower the environmental impact of both current and emerging digital services
  • We will promote these eco solutions through innovative green labels which every stakeholder will use and refer to.